Lizard 2015 Full Pull v 1.1 [MP]

Lizard 2015 Full Pull

Lizard 2015 Full Pull

Lizard 2015 Full Pull

This is the LS11 Sample Mod in 2015’er Full-Pull Edition by country-egg

I deal with just the conversion of LS11 vintage – and this is virtually the waste product:

Runs on standard script (tractor)
Tyre exchanged Trelleborg – So you’ve seen but never 😉
Tires and dust lanes
Choice of color – only for the wheels
schematic overlay
Exhaust particles with little more soot, so he got no badge
massive weight optimization thanks to full carbon chassis (the original model has 30.0 tons, now just under 9.7)
Tuning the engine values:
555 hp / hp
Vmax: 100
Returns the tuner: only 99,999 € LS
Maintenance: 999 LS €
Tank capacity: 555 liters, the consumption also does hurt
Special Horn

Known weaknesses / Known Issues

The sound files seem to override anything at a high speed. If one (s) then releases the accelerator pedal, it sounds like the LMP1 Hybrid – is thus quasi intention (because I have not done better)
This machine turns a Donat when driving around a curve at a speed of 100 is due to the physics! Not to Giants or me.
In addition to the above-mentioned carbon-lightweight construction a completely new rigid rear axle was still installed. The quasi so secret that it is invisible! I beg of demands to the material details in sight, I only say this much: the Chinese …

SP / MP / DS

Login: flawless
DeDi: No Issues

The mod was for me, in principle, to learn about the basic modding skills in the field i3d-Basics and vehicle.xml

Accordingly, it is for you to understand as Funmod – have fun.


Model & Texture: Giants
Farmer: South Tyrolean
xml & i3D: Land-Ei

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