Linde forklift and the load v 1.1 [MP]

Linde forklift and the load

Linde forklift and the load

Linde forklift and the load

Linde pack with forklift and loading goods
Modification for Farming Simulator 2015

Changelog V1.1:
mouse axes corrected
(direction and speed)
added controller buttons
TrafficCollisonTrigger Index corrected

1968 forklift by Linde
Deutz Diesel engine, lift force 2.5 tons


Animated Farmer
Animated parts
Lights function
Wheel tracks
Trailer hitch
No log errors

Original Euro pallets (EPAL),
correct dimensions: 120 x 80 cm, exact collision model.

16x construction material
20x international beverages
Funmod, no function at all.

5x supply pallets
Diesel, seeds, fertilizer, water tank, water tank selffilling
(Did not succeed with the Kaercher)
Known Bugs:
Log warning on leave because of triggers
Log warning because of diesel consumption units


Author 3d model:
Conversion and Ingame FS2015:
Sven777b, PeterJ

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