Liebherr 900C Litronic v 1.0 [SP]

Liebherr 900C Litronic

Liebherr 900C Litronic

Liebherr 900C Litronic

Liebherr 900C Litronic

LS2013 version modified to Farming simulator 2015 mod.

All credits for the model go to Ferdzaza/Ombelis

Fully functional (Only wheeled version. I did not yet manage to modify the tracked version.)

* Inlcuding standard bucket (volume 2.500 liters) for all standard fruits

* Rake bucket (volume 2.500 liters) only for potatoes, sugarbeets and manure (model from Giants Demolition Company)

I made some minor modifications to the original model:

* Changed yellow skin colour slightly (is now about the same as the other Liebherr machines in FS2015)

* Changed “reverse” sound (is now a standard “beep” sound)

* Moified shovels to Ls2015

* Modified tyre tracks


– Original mod: Fredzaza/Ombelis
– Giants
– Pummelboer

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