Laumetris trailed cultivator KLL-10T v 1.0 [SP]

Laumetris trailed cultivator KLL-10T

Laumetris trailed cultivator KLL-10T

Laumetris trailed cultivator KLL-10T

UAB Laumetris produces various widths (from 2 to 10 m.) Pre-sowing tillage cultivator. Cultivators assembled in such a way that one pass the soil is leveled, loosened, compressed and fully prepared for sowing. The front part of the machine’s installed segmental spring mounts ironing board comfortably controlled from the tractor cab hydraulic actuator. It is followed by a 4 or 5 row rd S-shaped coulter qualitatively breaking and clods. The longer the working parts of the sequence may be several options: Roller soil fractionation and compaction (lighter type soils) or two rows of spring mounts loosened soil leveling and compaction (suitable for heavier type of soils).


Clean log file

Work animation

Cylinders animation

Running light

Leaves the track


Irons animation

Working width 10 m



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