Langenfeld v 2.0 [MP]

Langenfeld map

Langenfeld map

Langenfeld map

Langenfeld map

Langenfeld map

Langenfeld map

Original link []


Map: bestmods(Ich)


Windräder: Manuel
Landhandel: Eifok
Strassen: Fatian
Schilder: Nick98.1
Zäune: Willi103
Leere Map: Nerd01
BayWa Händler: KundS Modding
Getreidelager: Mulde
Häuser: DerModtesterJR
Landhandel: NI Modding
Raiffeisen: DDS-MODDING
BGA Objekte: Roman@k
Bäume: Maxter
Hallen: The720PowerHD,Johni989

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30 thoughts on “Langenfeld v 2.0 [MP]

        1. No problem, the downloaded .zip file contains 3 mods:

          also a windmill sound

          Extract all these to the ..\Farming Simulator 2015\pdlc folder, then the game can see the mods.

          1. Sorry particleSystems is not a zip, it’s a folder, you don’t need to include this.
            Just copy the two zip files out to the pdlc folder

          2. From the text file:

            To have no log error of the wind turbines, you must do the following:
            copy 1.windmill.wav
            2./Farming Simulator 2015/data/maps/sounds

            Then insert 3.dort
            Only those who ParticleSystem error insert folder also.
            5. Copy folder particleSystems to the folder /Farming Simulator 2015/data/vehicles

            Insert 6.dort

            7.und then she should be accurate

          3. there is no zip file which is name by that

            my log file says this :

            Mod directory: C:/Users/Andreas/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods/
            Load mod: Langenfeld
            Error: Unsupported mod description version in mod Langenfeld

  1. Let me just summarize what everyone has said above, put the zip folder with the name of the map inside your mods folder. Which is found in the “My Games” area. You will then click “Farming simulator 2015”
    There will be a folder called “mods” and a folder called “pdlc”
    So like I said above,just drag the zipped folder of the map into the mods folder.
    Once your done with that, open it and go into the files. Click the folder called “map” Next click the fodler called “sounds”
    Drag the windmill thing in that folder. Go all the way back to your original folder the download came in. You will now open that pdlc folder I mentioned above and drag the folder that is not zipped into there.
    Start farming simulator and enjoy.

  2. hello again.
    many thanks for the help everyone, I have it working now
    so thank you friends.

    by the way, there are some of you who know when alternativ tip mod comes to fs 2015

    best regards Andreas

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