Krone Emsland Ulw v 1.1 [MP]

Krone Emsland Ulw

Krone Emsland Ulw

Krone Emsland Ulw

ROS crown Emsland Ɯberladewagen
For transporting and decant

(Also fills fertilizers u. Sowing when installed as fillType
eg SeedMaster; not the normal trigger)

Emsland 1Achser from my Emsland-pack to overcharge and dolly.

May invite:

Chopped silage grass hay straw manure mixed feed barley oats rye spelled wheat corn rape seed fertilizer lime wood chips

11400l / price 8888 / daily. 8

WARNING log entries only when a built-in hanger crop is not installed on your map.
Which are then inevitable and do not affect the game and also fill the log not to infinity.

Pure fantasy product’s face it, not loads better.


Rosenthaler, Giants

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