Krone BigM 500 v 1.1 [MP]

Krone BigM 500

Krone BigM 500

Krone BigM 500

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I have an old friend from LS13, the Big M500 scored a LS15 cure.
The model as such was √úberabeitet, interior, textures and features are changed / replaced.
In Detail
Low-trailer train mouth, PTO connection, speedometer, RPM, Operating Time, Fuel display, left door to open and Washable

Working width 13m

Of course, the functions were taken over from LS13, wide spreading / swathing.


Giants, Timber131

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4 thoughts on “Krone BigM 500 v 1.1 [MP]

  1. Not new so thats nothing. It would be nice to have one like fs 2013 whit a wider mowing capicety like 25 meters. Also the head in the front could mowe a bit wider.

  2. so helpful for doing lots of grasswork although i would like to see a windorwer (american style) like a john w235 or new holland speedrower

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