Knight Rider v 1.0 [MP]

Knight Rider

Knight Rider

Knight Rider

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I’m here for you Knight Rider (putty) .He travels 114km / H doors are openable with R Ctrl Num7 / 9 / schliesen.Kitts’s light beam is also NUM8.



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5 thoughts on “Knight Rider v 1.0 [MP]

  1. The blue lights, while inaccurate, are tolerable, but those rims are just plain “Oh my god what have you done” wrong.

    You might think KITT looks cooler that way, but believe me: 99% of Knight Rider fans want KITT the way he has always been.

    0/10 won’t download until Romanian-style-big-rims-on-wrong-car tuning is removed.

  2. any chance you would come up with the Knight Industries hauler to keep KITT in? Yes this car needs improvement. Maybe add voice, auto pilot (not courseplay) and gps.

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