Klein Neudorf v 1.0

Klein Neudorf

Klein Neudorf

Klein Neudorf

Klein Neudorf

Klein Neudorf

Klein Neudorf:

E ven in the LS15 is my map again. It has changed a lot but it’s almost like the good old 13er version. One of the major changes is the Kuhhof, which has been completely refurbished. There are as usual 3 yards, sawmill etc …. only the pig I had to do without. The field purchase triggers are still the old but still fully functional. Shortly before the release I also have a new grass texture added since the original is just not nice. When, for example. new textures corn but it is still a V2 indicate this will then fix the final version for this map.


-all 3 species

-3 Yards

-3 Villages






-2 Woodlands

-about 40 fields


-Startfahrzeuge Etc …


B34STx, The Green Flash, Farmer 14, Katsuo, martinbigM500, takermaco, marcolussi, Roman @ k , King Kalle, xXMalleXx, 7930Powr, Kalle, Fatian, Jauch Paule, Typho0n, Sepple, Silas770 And more and I thank them but I no longer unfortunately out could. But still a big THANK YOU!

I would particularly like to thank the 770 Silas gave me the traffic and a few small things!

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