Kirriemuir Farm v 1.0 [MP]

Kirriemuir Farm

Kirriemuir Farm

Kirriemuir Farm

Kirriemuir Farm

Kirriemuir Farm

Hello and welcome to my first published map for FS15,Kirriemuir Farm set in the North East of Scotland in Angus.

I would class this as a small to medium farm lets say x 1 compared to a x4 default map, so its not the largest map in the world but there is more than enough to be getting on with to keep you busy,

I built this map using Giants Editor 6.0.3 64bit with the latest updated installed, which is update 1.2,

If you need to know anything about this map i suggest you watch my short video in the link below,

You may edit this map but please keep the credits and original link to this site only,

I really hope that you enjoy your time playing this map as much as i have had making it,


Mapping: Scuderia
Objects, Scripts and Other Help: Giants, FSModding, FS UK, NI Modding, Sean6920s, Mfg HS-Golf, Mfg maser789, Willjsavage, Vanillaice, Ubi123

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7 thoughts on “Kirriemuir Farm v 1.0 [MP]

  1. Have just spent the evening on this fantastic map as I to are Scottish its tear to see a Scottish map well done great for single player love it love it love well done all the best happy new year

  2. Thank you for making this. I hate huge maps. I can’t see having so much and never being able to use it all. You have giving just enough and still have room to do what we need to do. I have played and downloaded many maps and yours fits my playing style. Thank you

  3. Great map managed to harvest a field bale it and cart the bales back to the farm all in one night ideal for courseplay thanks oh the best fellow scot

  4. Just finished my second field on this map beautiful map and so far no problems. There are a few places on this map that will challenge your driving skill one being the sell point. If you are a good tractor driver you won’t have a problem. Nothing needs to be changed. Again great map.

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