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Welcome to Keuschlingen

Here is my first map, I’m from scratch erstellt.Bauzeit until now about four weeks almost every night after work. I have the single player everything is tested Logfehlerfrei. For multiplayer tests unfortunately I lack the opportunities, so I hope to get your feedback.

This is a fictional map that built a little in my home Unterallgaeu modeled ist.Alle functions are down to traffic that you know from the standard map and WaterMod and G├╝lleMistKalkMod of Marhu.


Agravis: Rape ways barley corn sugar potatoes

Baywa: Rape ways barley grain maize

Station: Rape ways barley grain maize

Straw power plant: grass hay straw bales

Sawmill chips strains

Garden centers: Grass straw manure slurry chips potatoes beet wool

BGA: beet silage manure

Recommended Mods:

G├╝lleMIstKalkMod (make sure to read the install instructions from Marhu by)
Trailer can load the Mist


Train Elmo
GMK Marhu
Signage Nick98.1
3DFeldwege seba-j
Hills- Mailman
Farmhouse BernieSCS

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9 thoughts on “Keuschlingen v 1.2

  1. This is the most beautiful map, I’ve ever seen…and the trains! Awesome!!! I think it will be my favourite map. I really like it. A little bit complicated, if someone like to use big machines…but it isn’t a real problem…just purchase big fields and you’ve done.

  2. Best Map I’ve seen! There are so many little details like car lifts in your garage, air hoses for tires, welders, cool bridges, and more. It really seems like an actual farm. The map is the a perfect size with a combination of small and large fields as well as heavy logging areas! Really cool single player map. The farm has all animals close and storage for every possible thing in the game (grass, silage, manure, hay, straw, everything!). Fantastic attention to detail! 10/10

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