John Deere 7290R v 1.0

John Deere 7290R

John Deere 7290R

John Deere 7290R

Speed 41 km / h. Lighting fixtures. Interactive control (IC) (Opens the door and left rear window, leans back wheel). Electronic speedometer and tachometer, working mirrors, plugmod dust from under the wheels, leaves traces. Includes two counterweight: 1500 kg and 2000 kg.


Hulalo Modding

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9 thoughts on “John Deere 7290R v 1.0

  1. Nice Job!

    The Textures need some work.

    The IC Control is perfect!
    You can control some important functions with the Display of the John Deere. Its realy cool.

    Need the V2 quickly 🙂

  2. Jarrett you press download and when download is done go on view downloads then go on the home button and go on my games then go into farming sim 2015 then it says mods click that and go back onto view downloads and right click the download go to open containing folder then drag the mod into your farm sim 2015 mods then its done

  3. Tu attend 8 secondes et tu clique en dessous de ”DOWLOAD MOD” et sa vas être écrit JD7290R en noir Souligner et tu clique ici et le mod va se télécharger 🙂

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