John Deere 7180 v Kemper Black/Red Edition [MP]

John Deere 7180 v Kemper Black Red Edition

HJohn Deere 7180 v Kemper Black Red Edition

John Deere 7180 v Kemper Black Red Editionere I have a John Deere self-propelled, whom you have from John Deere colors in original

With his permission, I have the supplied Kemper umgeskinnt (back to original red).

Also, I have the 7180 made for him a nobler “Kemper Edition” design to be missed!
ICh it hope you like it!

The set consists of:

The forage: JohnDerre 7180

Standard features such as rear-view mirrors, turn signals, and RUL Pipelicht.
with dirty skin & washable


380 hp, max speed 40 km / h

Helper operation
Trailer hitch rear tipper with lower drawbar or turntable
Purchase price € 215000.-, maintenance costs € 91.- / day

Kemper maize header: 460plus in original red
with dirty skin & washable
Catchment Animation
Working width 6 meters, foldable, speed limit 10 km / h
Purchase price € 29000.-, maintenance costs € 29 .- / day

Multiplayer compatible: yes
The folder must not be unpacked.



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