Jenz Hem 583 big platform v 3.0 [MP]

Jenz Hem 583 big platform

Jenz Hem 583 big platform

Jenz Hem 583 big platform

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Mod for Farming Simulator 15
Did a great platform for receiving logs
Now the logs do not roll down

Trailer for chopping trees. Lighting, tow hitch, with the capture of the manipulator, the dust from the wheels, the tracks on the road, the support legs. Washable.


Giant – dimanix

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5 thoughts on “Jenz Hem 583 big platform v 3.0 [MP]

    1. Hello Samuel,

      When you go to the store you will find categories at the top. You have to click twice to the right to find the mods.

      Greets Pascal

  1. We cannot seem to get this mod to show up on our dedicated server – it will however show up in both career and normal hosted multiplayer mode.Any suggestions?

  2. For now this is the best one i have tested so far.

    Aspecially the crane is very good.. Only the chipper is missing on smaller end parts. But this is better then the original for now.

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