Horsch Pronto 9 SW Pack v 1.2 [MP]

Horsch Pronto 9 SW Pack

Horsch Pronto 9 SW Pack

Horsch Pronto 9 SW Pack

Horsch Pronto 9 SW DS – Direct Seeding

Horsch Pronto 9 SW DSF – Direct Seeding Fertilizer

Included in the pack are the 2 originals Pronto SW from LS15

Both machines have direct seeding, and the DSF plus fertilizer function.

Modbeschreibungen are the merchants in the shop.


Giants, KHD-Agrostar

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4 thoughts on “Horsch Pronto 9 SW Pack v 1.2 [MP]

  1. Holy fuck your stupidity escapes me. For any drive-powered piece of machinery to work, you need to attach something called a Power Take Off, or PTO. It’s that yellow thing modeled on almost all of the in-game equipment. It is powered by the tractors engine, and works something like a drive-shaft, spinning the mechanisms inside the machinery to run it. The trucks you have hooked to the seeders don’t have a PTO, so in turn, you should not be able to run those massive seeders with just a ball hitch you fucking dumb ass. Before you make a mod for a farming game, make sure it has at least sight realism.

    1. If you knew anything you would know that those seeders in game dont even have a pto hooked to them or the tractors. so that being said lets get into the fact that you probably have no idea how to make a mod or let alone know how to install it correctly so lets make sure we have our ducks in a row before we try to bitch out someone else you worthless piece of shit. And here is an idea if you dont like it dont download it ya asshole. When you can make a mod and make it look that good then you can bitch about some one elses

  2. Research your topic Sean. Because you are the dumbass in this picture. Those seeders ingame dont have a PTO on them or have and place to hook one, Because in real life they run off the tractors hydraulics not the PTO. So make sure you have the facts before you run your stupid ass mouth. And if you dont like the mod dont download it its just that simple ya asshole

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