Holzpolter Set v 1.0 [MP]

Holzpolter Set

Holzpolter Set

Holzpolter Set

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now that I wanted to know how the funktoniert with the attachern and since all holzpolter in the past was not Tranzpotabel were, I tried on a Holzpolter times. “I think for the 1 trial he has become not so bad.” I know it PASTT not everything, but forms yourself a verdict.

So now, but to set what there is to say, the set includes a front and a rear Holzpolter weight they are on the tuned you can still carry your full Holzpolter. In the weight check out the front weight Attach otherwise the tractor with the front wheels is in the air.

Set data:

Holzpolter data: Length 5.2mx 2m x height 2.2m Prepare, capacity 14-15 strains a 6m
Front Weight: 2.081kg
Rear Weight: 8.111kg with sign on forestry work

Login is error-free no errors or warnings, just copy the zip file in the modfolder ready now can it under front loader / weights all buying. So that was what there is to say about the mod, I hope you like it if does not think off was my first attempt: P.



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