In Harzvorland 15 v 3.2 Final [MP]

In Harzvorland15

In Harzvorland15

In Harzvorland15

In Harzvorland15

In Harzvorland15

Welcome back the beautiful Harzvorland!

Also this map is again based on the standard map from the agricultural Simulator 2011th

Now, however, the central road was again built after the original from 2011 and not

as in the 2013 version just above the mountain away. Thereby the Haubthof was back to the old

Location can be transferred back. As a trader, I have the installed 2013er since me the current so not like.

Furthermore the WasserMod of Marhu was installed.

The sales opportunities are:






-Railway station

-Landhandel Billinger


On the map, there are 19 small and large fields of which already 3 boxes in your possession are.

Then there are several lawns to mow, of which the largest on the PDA map with a W Marked are.

The “AnimationMapTrigger” must be with the modfolder, otherwise the doors can not be opened on the Haubthof.

As of version 2.0 is the map for the “ChoppedStraw” mod bprepared. Who wants to play with this mod,

to the ChoppedStraw-Mod invites please themselves.

From version 3.0Final the MixFeeder of modPortal ensures for the feeding of the cows. For this you need the

Mods “MapBuyableObject” and “MixFeeder”. In the version of 3.2Final GülleMistKalk-Mod of Marhu was

fitted and inserted a Kalklager in feed stores. For this is the needed “GülleMistMod” of Marhu.

Since I do not offer these mods here to load this each even under the following links:

Animation Map Trigger


Mix Feeder

Map Buyable Object

Guelle Mist Kalk Mod Pack

In addition, the games should be patch 1.4.2 installed, otherwise the map will not work.

This is now the final version of this map and so I set the work on this Map.

So there is no other version of “In Harzvorland 15” appear!

And now I hope you enjoy playing on my map!


Ein großes Dankeschön geht an die Modder,

deren Mods, Gebäude und Objekte ich auf dieser Map

verbauen durfte!


-Landhandel Billinger: El Cid

-Zuckerfabrik: El Cid

-Brückenpack v1: Deere 6800

-Hofrolltor: martinbigM500

-Hoftor: Steffen30muc

-LSL-Leitplankenset: LS-Landtechnik

-Manuels Windrad v2: modding-welt

-Schafstall: Power74de

-Shed Package: Katsuo

-Straßenbaukasten 1: atze 1978

-Strohkraftwerk: BigM; Bluebaby210; rafftnix

-Verkehrsschilder: Creative-Modding-Team

-Villa v1.15: Harrybo

-WaterMod: Marhu

-Intermarche v1: honda-hrc

-Zaunset: Simkeme

-Förderband für Hackschnitzel: mariodieck

-Wackenschilder v1: PowerPeter008

-Smoker v2: PowerPeter008

-BayWa: KundSModding

-JCB-Vibromax v1.0: fin050808

-Maschendrahtzaun Set v1.0: 112Tech

-Dorf Feuerwehr: möchtegernbauer

-Sumpf-Verkaufsstellen: GE-Modding

-ChoppedStraw-Mod: webalizer_LS

-V1-Ackertexturen: Geneborg

-V2-Ackertexturen: melfoy

-Forgotten-Pflanzentexturen: Eribus

-Heißluftballon: 112TEC

-Futterlager: 1984Fendt936

-Mix Feeder: modPortal

-Feldkaufschilder: Fendtfan 1 (chris)

-Haus mit Ruine: Kolbenfresser

-Lageranzeigen v1.1: El_Cid

-neue Fruchttexturen: Seba j

-GülleMistKalk-Mod: marhu

-GülleMistKalk-Texturen: Geneborg


Den Moddern, die hier vergessen habe, sei ebenso mein großer Dank sicher und

ich entschuldige mich dafür!

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