34 thoughts on “Hagenstedt v 1.0 [MP]

  1. I also liked this map and was very glad to get it for 15 also . I tried to buy some saplings to plant to harvest trees but couldn’t get a buy option . Was that added to the map as well or is it just not working ?

  2. I hope that option becomes available later in different versions of that map

    but since its the first real downloadable map and a map we all know and familiar with thanks Vanquish081 for making this map available

    1. kan wel money mod is gewoon hetzelfde als bij LS2013
      ga naar
      mijn documenten
      farming simulator 2015
      savegame1 (ligt er aan welke je wilt)
      careerSavegame (rechtermuisknop – bewerken )
      en dan kun je het gewenst bedrag verranderen
      en dan doe je opslaan
      en heb je het geld!!!

  3. Interesting copy of Hagenstedt FS 2013 convert for FS2015… but no possibilty to buy and sell trees ?! So we cannot play the “Forest Mod”…It’s a pity.

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