Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded v 1.3 Final [MP]

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded

The map has:

– basic crops
– water mod
– mix station
– wool pallet collector
– two forests (on former cow and sheep pastures)
– one place for planting forest (former field 9)
– cows and sheeps near farm HQ (former fields 15 and 16)
– traffic and pedestrians like original map
– all trees can be cut down
– missions

Log is clear.

Changelog version 1.1
– improved triggers for cows straw plane and cows feed in the cow stable
– removed collectable gold coins; they works correct only in the
original Bjornholm map!
After export Bjornholm map to mods, collectable coins working not
correct (tested)!
– corrected errors on triggers for fertilizer and seed in the Farm shop
and Garden center
– some minor improvements

Changelog version 1.2
– corrected my big mistake about wool pallet collector (I have used
script for FS 2013)
– added liquid manure and manure sales place (Limansel)
– added BuyManyAnimals script
– added StopMilkSale script

Changelog version 1.3 Final [MP]
– all doors use Animation Map Trigger, cow stable doors opens
automatically only for vehicle
– new vehicle shop with fuel station indoor
– StopMilkSale removed, must be used as an placeable mod
– added chopped straw
– added guelle mist kalk mod
– added pigs fattening
– added Compost Master (is by the Mill)

Needed mods:

Animation Map Trigger

Brantner E8041 Allin V3

Kotte Garant Liquid Tanker

Chopped Straw Mod

Guelle Mist Mod

Compost Master Mod Pack:

Joskin Betimax RDS 7500

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28 thoughts on “Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded v 1.3 Final [MP]

  1. One problem I noticed while playing is you cannot reset vehicles back to your farm. I tried to reset tractors and implements purchased from the shop and even on the was sitting by the mixing station

  2. Will not load, gets stuck at “Game is being loaded, please wait”. Could load previous versions with no problems.

    1. i get that after downloading and running all of the required mods. I hope that they fix this without any of the required mods map runs fine

  3. for me atleast it will not load! it gets stuck at the game loading please wait screen, previoud versions loaded fine. is it a mod conflict? or a problem with the map? please help!

    1. get WinRAR and use the free trial but even after the trial it will still work just dragthe files out of WinRAR to your desktop then in to your mod folder and it should work

  4. wool pallet collector does not work?? pallet becomes 100% full and instead of going along the conveyor, the light turns orange and the pallet wont move. am i missing something, do i need a certain mod or something?

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