Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded map v 1.2

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded map

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded map

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded map

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded map

Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded map

I have corrected some errors and here is a new version of Hagenstedt
2015 Reloaded map.

The map has:

– basic crops
– water mod
– mix station
– wool pallet collector
– two forests (on former cow and sheep pastures)
– one place for planting forest (former field 9)
– cows and sheeps near farm HQ (former fields 15 and 16)
– traffic and pedestrians like original map
– all trees can be cut down
– missions

Log is clear.

Changelog version 1.1

– improved triggers for cows straw plane and cows feed in the cow stable
– removed collectable gold coins; they works correct only in the
original Bjornholm map!
After export Bjornholm map to mods, collectable coins working not
correct (tested)!
– corrected errors on triggers for fertilizer and seed in the Farm shop
and Garden center
– some minor improvements

Changelog version 1.2

problem with wool pallet collector is solved;
– added liquid manure and manure sales;
– integrated BuyManyAnimals and StopMilkSale scripts.


Giants, Marhu, GCG, Jauchen Paule, Nick98.1, Raptor5, LSM Modding, CSMC,
Nils23, modinc, FendtFan and others;
Map modification and conversion: Leos50

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22 thoughts on “Hagenstedt 2015 Reloaded map v 1.2

  1. Bravo and Many thanks ! I am very happy to find this former 2013 map very well refounded in 2015 mod because it is sometimes difficult for me to be guided with the GPS 2015, it takes all the rolling view. Here I can guide me with my memory 2013!

    1. I have made one mistake. I used older script for wool pallet collector (FS2013). Shortly will be map version 1.2, with correct script, but I will add manure sale place. In few days will be (I hope) all OK.

  2. Beau travail, mais:
    Pas moyen de couper des arbres, ni dans cette version, ni dans l’autre. Deux tronçonneuse, mais rien, ça ne coupe pas.

  3. StopMilkSale – doesn’t work!
    liquid manure and manure sales – doesn’t work!

    The author in general checks the work or not?!
    2 of 5!

  4. I need Rape for Pigs Mod ls2015.com but unble to harvest this fruit with any combine on this map. Can you repare that Leos50? Can you replace the logo image storage areas by the name of fruits? The Forklifts do not work in the fermented maize silo ?!

  5. When there is much vehicles in the farmyard,near maize silo and the point straw sale,…the vehicles are frozen at this time.. the map bug!

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