Grimme PACK v 1.0 [MP]

Grimme PACK

Grimme PACK

Grimme PACK

Grimme PACK

Hello to all farmers and lovers
Whipped up Combines with Increased header
Header button opens M
In this fashion the two combine for beet and potatoes
Price in store 512000

Made at the request of many players so do not need to write thatthis is not in real life, I do know it
Put the top 5


Giant – dimanix
script Sven777b

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3 thoughts on “Grimme PACK v 1.0 [MP]

  1. Don’t take this the wrong way because I have a lot of dimanix mods, and they have been very good in FS13, BUT if you download this mod and ‘double click’ on both of the ‘combine’s’ xml files they open up in an explorer window and show errors. The ModDesc xml file is fine. I am learning a lot (slowly) about modding as I am interested and have spent a lot of hours converting (trying to with some success) some of my favourite FS13 mods to work in FS15 and it’s not that simple. There are a lot of the new FS15 mods that show up with errors in the ‘game log file’ and I have deleted the ones I won’t likely use and will modify the ones I want to keep with Notepad++

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