GAZ 53 Pack v 1.2

GAZ 53 Pack

GAZ 53 Pack

GAZ 53 Pack

In the pack includes a GAZ-53 and GAZ-53 standard. The speed of 83 km / h. Lighting, dust from the wheels leave traces of traces, the color choice when buying (at first), washable. Cargo module to 5000 liters, transports: wheat, barley, canola, corn, sugar beets, potatoes, grass, wheat straw, barley, chaff, silage, fodder, foodmixture, wood chips, manure, wool, sand. Color choice when buying, washable. Two modules barrels, one for the transportation of gasoline ATZ-3.8 (3800 L) washable. The second for the transport of water and milk ATSPT-3,3 (3300l), washable. Sprayer “Dawn 3000-02”, volume (3000 L) washable and trailer-truck which can also cling modules color choice when buying, washable.


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