Fruit and berries v 2.1 [MP]

Fruit and berries

Fruit and berries

Fruit and berries

From 2013 known as Apfelmod extension
UPK fruit and berries Expansion 2.0
Can now be used in the MP (Multiplayer).

Imperative of UPK must be in the mod folder:


The old file (, if present, must be deleted.
Get things already purchased, how it works (see below)

Required to transport:

Krone emsland

Warehouse possibly for


Suitable for:


The file has a zip placed freely only in the mod folder if necessary old file ersetzen.Alles !!
1. Cherry Carries up to 350 liters of cherries.
2. plum tree Carries up to 400 liters plums.
3. Orange Tree Carries up to 450 liters of oranges.
4. strawberries greenhouse Bring to 110 liters of strawberries per hour. Go to the boxes for harvest. Harvesting can be increased with manure and water fountains.
5. Pay cider “The juice Heini” When juice Heini your trunk wage Mosterei the fruit comes into the bottle, he takes apples, plums, cherries, strawberries, pears, oranges and carrots to see (to each 20000L) loading dock when it is too uneven ,
6. stall 1For cherries, plums and apples.
7. stall 2For strawberries, oranges and pears.
8. drilled BrunnenwasserpumpeWie itself, is not immediately filled and empty when using running again full of 2000l per hour. And holds max. 35000l.
8. Gulli (NEW) Here you can no longer needed dispose of well water.

Thanks to mor2000 without the UPK Mod this is not possible

CAUTION following entries in the log that are irrelevant to you, because you these items only say that these crops not installed in the of you currently recorded Map (or inserted as a mod) were.
[UniversalProcessKit] Notice: fillType labeled “FruchtArt_X” is not part of the game economy
etc., etc.

Already objects retain gekaufe how it works:

Eligible savegame backup once
Open savegame, we need the xml “career savegame” & “vehicles” only to read as follows:

Find all entries: aaa_ROS_Obst_und_Beeren
Replace with: aab_UPK_ROS_Obst_und_Beeren



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