Front lader schaufel Mammut v 1.4 [MP]

Front lader schaufel Mammut

Front lader schaufel Mammut

Front lader schaufel Mammut

Hi, engage the original loader bucket got me fürn rebuilt front loader, adapted attacher, logo of mammoth inserted around the blades easier to distinguish.

Be loaded with 3000l (so what’s up, but do not overdo) wheat, barley, canola, corn, grass, hay, silage, chopped, mixed feed, manure, Hackschnitzl, potatoes and turnips.

Now the V1.2 with Fertilizer, lime and seed.

Unfortunately, it shows the Plane of wheat at the grudge fruits. Am I missing Unfortunately the vista for the new Plan.


Actually, as the originals, with a few more fruits.

Of course, Washable, see pictures, …..

Full blade is a little hard but go with rear weight! To have me hats always annoyed 2-3 scoops (forks) lying around and placeable ramps …. why did I built myself, and now I offer it for download.



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