Frisian march v 1.0 Beta

Frisian march

Frisian march

Frisian march

Frisian march

Frisian march

Frisian march

Hello dear fans LS,

I look forward to you again to present your own map for LS 2015 s.

For LS 08 and 09, there was already the Frisian march. Maybe someone remembers it;)

This is actually not the V1 beta version because I have not had much time to test it yourself. Errors have me so far but no serious noticed. But since I have adapted many fields, and ha’ve calculated per pixel, it can there come in small discrepancies. Perhaps there are still one or the other “floating” object. But hope I’ve caught all the remodeling.

I wish you lots of fun on the map. If you notice something please leave a comment. Also like to write a comment and share with you what is good and what you like less. I can then make some changes still to V2.

What’s new example:

– Cows at the farm

– Lowlands Map

– Dikes

– Trenches

– Roads

– Signs

– A few more buildings

– This is a fully revised American Map

– Many new fields at the edge which must not be bought and are vorgesaet with grass.

– Pedestrian and Car History adjusted.

– Adjusted visibility

– Fruit growth extended somewhat.

– Several small …. 🙂

Many thanks



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15 thoughts on “Frisian march v 1.0 Beta

  1. I like this map. but a few down falls. The gutters around all the fields are too close to the field. I like to use hired workers to cultivate my fields. but cant as they get stick. also the cows are now in a better place. but no grass texture in the pen.

  2. good evening I was playing your map you have created is beautiful (Frisian march v 1.0 Beta) can I have noticed that there are some problems, the first problem is when you go with atrezzo that collects the wheat it is hard to move because there are too many trees ! then in my opinion you should not put in camps after the trees because you can not move it! Then I think to each field should leave a gap in the fields where to put free tools! and then I think we should put the largest fields! and many fields then barns where the cows sheep chickens! then a central x corente the biogas! then a warehouse where they sell wheat, corn grass rape potato carrot beets! a space where you also buy free tools! then surrounded by sea and mountains, you can make this map? thanks hello good evening.

  3. Love the looks of the map but minijordanh is right, the map is useless if you cant hire workers. Gutters, buildings and other Objects are to Close to the Fields. Please fix.

  4. really like it!! nice job! just needs a lil more work. would like to see the rain ran offs better placed so workers dont get stuck! & some builings are to close to 16. also be really cool to see a storage building for hay, silage, grass at the main farm!!

  5. Nice large map, good fields.
    As mentioned before in comments about field borders and workers clashing with the trenches.

    Where is the Forestry support in this? Sell logs/woodchips?

    P.S not sure where that train line is going :p

    1. I take that back- found the lumber yard >.<
      But the map itself could do with some soft hills in some areas, and flat with trenches in some areas. Borders of the map could be a bit more exciting

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