Forestry Deutz v 1.2 [MP]

Forestry Deutz

Forestry Deutz

Forestry Deutz

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!!!!! Fit and Dedi Server tested MP !!!!!


Finally, the first version is completed by my Forst Deutz.

It is the original Deutz LS15. Anyone who has followed my WIP will certainly have noticed that a lot has changed.

For those who have not followed it here the changes ….

Timber loader incl. Mitschwenkbarer Lighting

Support incl. Colli to stabilize when working with the crane

Free choice of colors for the adaptation of each player taste

Forestry bracket incl diesel and AdBlue tank lining (made to the tractor)

Front fender away (because forestry tractors;))

Tires optics adjusted because my standard tires were definitely too small

Adjusted performance on the new total weight


Modder Rolf [ENJ], herajo[ENJ]

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