Ford Pickup v 1.2 [MP]

Ford Pickup

Ford Pickup

Ford Pickup

Ford Pickup

So my first mod for the LS15. I once brought the Jeep pickup from the game and a little upgraded. The Jeep has a Dynamic Mount Attacher and the tailgate is open. But that is already present in the originals I just wanted to mention it again.

I simply made of it a Ford Pickup whether the now so is Ford, or whether it is another brand that was now once asked along. Considering this is the first version and is intended also for improvement. Just leave quietly a comment if you find errors.


Ingame brought as a Mod
new wheels missed (who wants to drive wheels with drop center across the field)
Bull catcher, number plates, rotating beacon and Ford emblems installed.
It can both trailer types are appended.
Adapted scheme

The attached parts are also dirty with the new DirtShader.

Who does not like the flashing lights they may like to remove in the Ford_Pickup.xml.
Then you just delete or animals come out the code as it appears below.
It’s also installed a second DIV that becomes visible when you edit the 2nd line and the labeled red
sign deletes.

31? speed = “0015? filename = “$ data / vehicles / shared / beaconLight02.i3d” />
<! – 32? speed = “0015? filename = “$ data / vehicles / shared / beaconLight02.i3d” /> ->

Color selection is available in the shop to purchase


Giants, Andy1978

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41 thoughts on “Ford Pickup v 1.2 [MP]

  1. ik wil meer auto’s van jou alleen heb op mijn eigen account een mod gedaan en toen ging ik op mijn vaders zijne account en toen had ik die mod niet vet raar maar ja
    met vriendelijke groet benniecox

      1. Neither one of you morons are right. Ford is independent. It is made in the US. Chevrolet is General Motors “GM” and is made in the US. Parts for both as in all vehicles have after market equals and some parts are made in other countries. At least know what your talking about before you comment. People are much more dumber for having read this post from you two.

        1. How funny, Chinese Motors huh? Well Duramax was specifically DESIGNED by ISUZU. Before you come in being Mr. Know-it-all check your facts. Duramax is now owned by General Motors and they have it in production with American made parts, and some obviously Foreign just like Ford, Dodge, and other major companies. Ford is not independent, they have Lincoln, which is a luxury side of Ford Auto Company. SVT is a performance or in specific terms “exotic” side of Ford. SO, with that being said you need to learn your facts first kid. Don’t defend another company that you have been around for your whole life. I have been around Chevrolet’s, Dodge’s and Ford’s. I know of at least 30 people I know who have traded their Dodge, or Ford on a Chevy. Either the Ford had too many radiator problems, or the Dodge cost’s too much to keep going with it’s Cummins. A close friend of mine put $25,000 in his 2006 3500 HD Cummins single axle. He sold it and got a Ford F-250, it’s a 1998 with a 7.3 Power Stroke. The 7.3 Power Stroke’s weren’t Ford’s motor, they were made and produced by International. Ford dropped International and went to their own motor. Every one has sucked besides the 6.0 liter Power Stroke. Say good bye to the Cummins in the Dodge, come 2016 they are dropping Cummins and signing with Nissan or something like that for a Diesel motor in the Heavy Duty trucks. Chevy is the only one left that’s had the same motor for at least 10 years. Long live Chevy!

          1. i have 4 fords 4 dodges and 5 chevs. i only have problems with the fords and the chevys, no problem with the dodges.

  2. why does one truck have to be shit and the other one the best. Ford GM and Dodge are all pretty good, I have owned them all for my construction company. Some are made in US Canada Mexico, its like a lot of Toyotas are made in US. Its all about what makes sense for the company.

    Stop being so damned ignorant people.

    1. Your company get’s new truck’s every few years I’m guessing? Do YOU ever work on them? I do, I have my own shop and I fix trucks and farm for a living. Ford’s just down right suck to work on. Dodge isn’t that bad a Chevy is pretty simple. I love seeing someone bringing in their Chevy. (Which doesn’t happen much)I get Fords ALL the time. I absolutely hate working on them so much. Chevy’s give me a break. I currently own 2 Dodge’s, 10 Chevy’s and 3 Ford’s. Yes I do own them all myself. Most of them sit on the farm and do nothing. One Ford has the transmission out of it (Typical Ford) and the other one’s dash has every light lit. All the Chevy’s that run are fine, except for one that needs a transmission (Pull a lot of Goosenecks). The Dodge’s are for sale because I’m tired of blowing my wallet on the Cummins parts. I used them for pulling mostly. But all the Chevy’s that don’t run (4 of them) are either for parts or, they simply broke down from something small and were never fixed. All 4 are 1980’s and late 1970’s trucks. So yes, there is a difference. And by the way, Ford, Chevy, and Dodge, are not made in Canada and Mexico. Some parts made be but the entire vehicle isn’t made in the specific country. Most of the parts are American made and hey are sent to Mexico or Canada to be ASSEMBLED. A-S-S-E-M-B-L-E-D not built. Some parts consisting of more than one “piece” or smaller parts are assembled in Mexico or Canada. So the whole part is made in Mexico or Canada, but the small pieces that make up that part are made in America mainly. Some are entirely made in Canada or Mexico.

      1. i own 4 dodges 4 fords and 5 chevys i farm and the fords are rusting away in the fields because they always blow parts (typical ford) i never use my chevys. my dodges i always use. the 85 dodge ram 100 i use for driving around the 1990 3/4 tonne is lifted and i use it to haul stuff around. the 97 1 tonne dually i use for hauling stuff. the only problens i have had with the dually is the clutch slipping (because it was set up wrong) the other dodges i had no trouble with. the last dodge is a collector that i keep in my shed 59 dodge.

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