Ford F450 v 0.92 [MP]

Ford F450

Ford F450

Ford F450

Ford F450 was extended times of LS09 to 11 to 13 to LS15 Convert and constantly.

Not yet moves optimal.Finde the error still yet nicht.Kommt.

Indicator also lights only place to Blinken.Vielleicht finds someone else’s fault



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8 thoughts on “Ford F450 v 0.92 [MP]

  1. Had issue uploading to our server. the DE elements with special character markings in the modDesc.xml had to be removed before the xml was recognized as acceptable.

  2. My god you need fricken sun glasses to use this mod…. Make it color change and it might work. Needed to tone down the volume for engine sound, changed the traction and a few other things but wont use it due to the damn color. Thx for the hard work but change this thing man.

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