Fire v 1.0 [MP]




I have converted here Placeable The fire of Grisu118 of LS LS13 by 15.

Several sizes of fires
Burning cars

Changelog V2

Smoke now also in white
Triopan be hidden
Extinguish fire by pressing a button
Placeable fire ingame sale

For this purpose, each panel has the Triopan or in vehicles each a trigger in the need reinlaufen her.

Yes Grisu118 the V2 BETA version had already brought out in LS13.
I have this mod einfachmal Converts and tried (yes might look better) and I then asked him if I could reinstellen the converted mod.

I also try the image for the purely ok to admit (if functioning)


URMODDER: Grisu118
Triopan: Grisu118 vehicle: spider100 fire: Giants Smoke: Case_IH_MxU135 script: Sven777b, Alex2009, raftnix, Grisu118

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