Fertilizer and seed production v 1.0 [SP]

Fertilizer and seed production

Fertilizer and seed production

Fertilizer and seed production

UPK fertilizer, Saatgutproduktionund stock

Imperative of UPK must be in the mod folder be:

http: //www.modhoster.de/mods/universalprocesskit–2

The file has a zip only in the mod Ordnerggf. replace old file. All placed freely !!

********************************* To transport or transport and Überladenvon fertilizer and seed suitable trailer:
Krone Emsland multi Deco version
Brantner XL Überladewagen
Krone Emsland Überladewagen

Fertilizer, seed production and storage “All In One” ————————– Saatmaker X-38 & Schietmaster 5000 ——– ——————

For the function:

From dung and liquid manure fertilizer is cooked in a pressure vessel, a liquid and a bubbled out and dried variety (Of course, just plain and simple fertilizer [fertilizer]).
From fertilizer and grain (wheat and / or barley, corn, canola) seed organic seed is (of course, only plain and simple seed [seeds]).
Pass through to delivery of manure and grain, as well as to re-store of seed and fertilizer with appropriate hangers or with the fertilizer and sowing machine (if it fits in). Manure is outside simply supplied drive in the trigger.
Removal of fertilizer or seed with matching trailer, transfer vehicles or the corresponding machine possible, just below the respective filling tube (unfortunately, the UPK play no particle animation, that fills even without).


Regardless of Monsanto, BASF and Co. You make your own organic fertilizer and own seeds from the self-harvested grain.
This mod will not win a beauty contest, the reason to make it was convenience. I had no desire for each new map, awkward with the GE, the build-in “SeedMaster” and bearing it. High enough for the grass, small enough for a normal yard, the small hall quickly finds its place.

Thanks to mor2000 without the UPK Mod this is not possible.



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