Fendt 870kg Front weight v 2.0 [MP]

Fendt 870kg Front weight

Fendt 870kg Front weight

Fendt 870kg Front weight

This front weight has 870kg and is made ??for everyday use. It can be used for almost all work like mowing, plowing, cultivating, transport work, etc.
Due to its special form it takes up little space, which influences the driving behavior positively.

Advanced Features:

870kg front weight for the front mounting
LS 15 version of the 13er known weight


Price: € 595 LS
Upkeep: 5 LS €
Volume: – liters
Polys: 3,7k polygons
Items in i3d: 4
Files in archive: 7
File size: 370 kb


1x Diffuse Weight: 1024 × 2024
1x Goals Weight: 512 × 512
1x weight of fire: 256 × 128



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