Feed stores around v 1.3 [SP]

Feed stores around

Feed stores around

Feed stores around


Now here is a version with digital level gauge (V1.2)
This version is the only version with textures of size 2048×2048 with.
Approval for change and installation on maps hereby granted

Thanks to Blacky_BPG for the mod and Chris1981 for their active support in the completion.

V1.0 and 1.1

This is a [MP] food storage for all types of feed such as grass and hay, straw, silage, compound feed, shredded wood chips and tipping of all materials centrally on the tipping grid. Of course I have not reinvented the wheel, can separate only look different. My thanks go to this LS-Andy, UnnamedUser, Marhu and s4t4n its version 2.1 was used as a template. The zip file are of two different i3d’s. Firstly, the version 1, is equipped with textures of size 4096×4096. Version 1.1 has textures with 2048×2048 size. It has been shown in the tests the FPS on some computers burglaries occur when the “better” textures were used. So you can look yourself what (your server) running better with you. At the moment this is only one version must be installed on the Giants Editor V6


Model und Textur:

v2.1 von s4t4n

Korrektur und kleine Umbauten:


Script Hilfe:
UnnamedUser auf Modhoster

LS15: Nils23
Numbershader: Giants/weisser
Anpassung: Giants/weisser
Holz Textur (Vorschlag): lappyBauer/dtmaster

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