Entladehilfe v 1.0 [SP]




So I, I thought about something that relates to the pond at the sawmill by Bjorn Holm.

And it is here at my so-called “unloading aid”, I have the koncepiert Mainly for Traile_Fahrer.

There is a wooden cross as a marker to the place,

one more thing, maybe it’s you yourself already noticed that you can not place things near the sawmill is, whether placeable mod or original from LS15, so this idea of time.

Where place?

1tens I have a picture of it produced

2 ringsrum least from the sawmill area, but a distance of 60-70 meters, but the’ll see her when the Markierungs_Holzkreuz appears and when not to, so there is really nothing else to say.

Importantly, it was built only on the basis of Bjorn Holm and getestest.



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