Drensteinfurt v 1.0 [MP]






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Welcome to Drensteinfurt LS15 ready.

The time has come, I present you my Drensteinfurt for 15 Ls ready.


It has not changed much, so I’ll explain only the most important innovations.

The sheep are now in a meadow.
There is a pre-sale, as well as a garden center.

There are all trees precipitated.

I thank all of which I have the objects without you Währe my map a bit empty.


Pfreek: fence, railway crossing, guide posts
Fatian: roads, bridges, lanes
Gaints: All buildings
Maxter: Workshop
Eicher Model: Fachwerkhof, Farmhouse
Katsuo: Fachwerkhof
Padda96: pigsty
Nick98.1: Signs Pack
Farmer 12: Schild_Kurve
Börndi: Test Objects Pack
818vario: Hall
Manuel: Windmill
iMarwin: phone line
Desperados93: Ball Stack
martinbigM500: cesspit
Ceen: Road textures
Vililleeis: Tree Textures, corn
Alex2009: Fence in the village
Steffen30muc: Halls, fertilizer warehouse
Eifok team: country trade

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16 thoughts on “Drensteinfurt v 1.0 [MP]

  1. Good map, but I can’t find where you sell the Barley & Wheat straw or bales, usually around the farm but I have driven all over and all I get is “Straw is not accepted here” Help please.

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