Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV Fl v 2.0 TwinWheels Pack [MP]

Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV Fl

Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV Fl

Deutz Fahr 7250 TTV Fl

I have the Deutz Fahr 7250 donated a reasonably optimized Frontladerkonsole. The loader is reasonably convenient to install and deep enough to accommodate pallets without problems.

Now I have not added all other versions that I have created for me to play. Versioning is now somewhat confusing, since I’m working on it. Do not worry about version number such as 1.0 or 1.2, which are all on the same stand of the things that I initially did not understand how this works here so.

So, there would now be:

– Front-end loader
– Forestry version (front loader + Steyr Forestry cage)

– Both versions of each well on tracks
– A standard version with tracks (without Frontladerkonsole)

– All versions also QuadTrac variants.

To simplify the mounting front loader, I optimized the game front loader. I recommend to use this, but it is not a must, also works this way is only somewhat tricky sometimes:

front loader

The tractor is otherwise hundred percent the Origiginalmodell from the game. this means:

– Reflections / glare
– Pollution
– Other features of the LS15

are still present.

Also, tune the gameplay elements, such as price and fuel consumption, so it fits well into the game.

The performance values ??and other parameters correspond to the version 1.2 of Farming Simulator.

Update 1.3

Refinements to the forest cage, sorting in three packs:

– Wheels Pack, four wheels
– RowTrac Pack, chains behind
– QuadTrac pack, four chains

The packs have to be unpacked.

Update 2.0

– Installed color choice
– Added twin wheel version

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