Deutz 745RTS v 1.3 [MP]

Deutz 745RTS

Deutz 745RTS

Deutz 745RTS

Package contains:

– Used Deutz 7545RTS version on tracks price: 230000 cap. 9650 tank
– Used Deutz 7545RTS version on wheels Price: 204999 cap. tank 9500
– 7m harvester Deutz price: 39999
– Header qq Price: 35000

Update v1.2:

– Added version on wheels
– Added lighting in the cabin
– Improved visual elements are
– Added new items
– Added a speedometer, tachometer, indicator of the tank, fuel capacity indicator.

An earlier version:

– Script dirty. (washable)
– Basic scripts

Update v1.2.4

– added script passenger

– added script navigation GreenStar

Update v1.2.5

log is clean
Improved visual elements are

Update v1.2.8

Add new header 12m (MacDon_D60)

Add 3x Trailers for header (header is not falling)

Version 1.3

v.1.3 finall – Fixed all that could be found. – Amendments Visual – Amendments also headers night.



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4 thoughts on “Deutz 745RTS v 1.3 [MP]

  1. These are great-looking harvesters. Very nicely done.
    Any chance you could increase capacity? Around 20,000 if possible please.
    Thanks much.

  2. if you open the xml file search for capacity and change that save the file you can change it to what ever you want just don’t go to big or it will mess the combine up by making it lift the front wheels when moving 😉

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