Damcon tree planter v 1.0.1 [SP]

Damcon tree planter

Damcon tree planter

Damcon tree planter

This is the original Damcon PL75 Giants Software GmbH.

The changes are not dramatic. What has particularly bothered me was that it is in the machine to a device that requires a certain power of the tractor.

Except for the optical entry in the shop (which also still false disclosures contained) was able to draw and work with the machine, even the smallest tractor.

I just grudge the required entry in the Fahrzeug.xml (according to original sheet of Damcon) so that it now is an actual power consumer in the machine.

Furthermore, I have adapted some Info.


Modell / Scripte / Texturen: Giants Software GmbH
xml-Anpassung: cantonsilver

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