Crasher v 2.0 [MP]




New technologies of wood. Now you can process the wood chips in on industrial scale
Now this monster is eating even small branches (not chewing and swallowing and choking)



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2 thoughts on “Crasher v 2.0 [MP]

  1. Was really looking forward to using this chipper, but can’t hitch it up! The hitch is buried deep in the ground. Have tried resetting the implement hoping it would reset with the hitch above ground but it doesn’t. Have pushed it around, tried lifting with a loader but still can’t get the hitch above ground. Any suggestions?

    1. This is a nice improvement over the old version just needs to deploy the support feet when uncoupling they have been changed. I used a front loader and pressed down on the back that raised the front coupled to it deployed the feet uncoupled no more head buried in the

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