Courseplay v 4.01 [SP]




What is Courseplay?

Courseplay is a tool for having machines perform many different tasks for you. Ones that the default AI helper can’t do. For example, Courseplay is perfect for unloading a combine, driving the chaff from the chopper to the farm or the BGA.

Courseplay has been developed continually during the past four years. By now, you can even press bales, collect hay, cultivate, fertilize or seed fields, mow some grass, empty your BGA silo and much more…

How to install Courseplay?

Patch v1.2 (or higher) has to be installed.

Copy the file to the C:\Users\[User name]\My Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2015\mods directory. That’s all, folks!

How to operate Courseplay?

All informations concerning operation, functions, changes etc. are explained in detail on the

Courseplay website.

Known bugs and warnings in version 4.01

Multiplayer has been temporarily deactivated as we’re reworking it from the ground up.
Fruit path finding has been temporarily deactivated as we’re reworking it from the ground up.
Due to a huge bug by Giants in their physics engine, vehicles tend to slide all over the place. We’ve implemented a temporary sledgehammer method to keep them where they are, but the ball is in Giants’ court now.


* Jakob Tischler
* Thomas Gärtner
* Satis

## Translations
* Chinese: Simba76
* Czech: Albi
* Dutch: Pewemo
* French: Gui7545
* Hungarian: Chris von Bone
* Italian: JD7530, Cristiano Magro
* Portuguese (BR): Admilson
* Portuguese (PT): PTAzores
* Russian: Bernelli
* Spanish: JFMtb, PromGames

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6 thoughts on “Courseplay v 4.01 [SP]

  1. I want that you add a “raw” mode in courseplay. You should be able to record button presses. And that you should be able to record several in the same spot.

    The mode works like this: I need to tell courseplay I am going to record a button press then I type the key say ‘X’ and then a sign appear with the letter “X” on it. I could also type two letters ‘X’ and ‘V’ and the sign would say “XV”. So if that was a cultivator it would unfold and lower it.

    Why is such a mode needed? Well maybe some equipment is backwards in some way or say courseplay does not handle the equipment well.

    This mode will make it able to work around the problems. Courseplay also need to record the class of object that was selected when the key press was recorded. Say a “forage wagon” or a “cultivator” if that is possible.


    Next it would be good if you can record the analog position of headers on those combines and other equipment that might alow to raise and lower the tools using analog axis. Like mouse.


    Next level of courseplay development is to separate the course from the use of signs like pause signs. And that you should be able to add and remove signs from a course. Cause the same recorded route can be used by different machines but require different commands. Like a combine harvesting wheat followed by a forage wagon or a baler and a baler followed by an autostack.

    So I think you should have a

    route file and a
    command file


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