Coretex Weight Pack v 0.5 [MP]

Coretex Weight Pack

Coretex Weight Pack

Coretex Weight Pack

Coretex weight pack design by Sahnepudding_TV.
Since I am picky when it comes to weights and no trader could fulfill my wishes, I myself have a style designed and me with a manufacturer zusammengetan.Das result are 3 different weights to each work passen.Für small tractors, there is a 800 KG Weight, loads for large machines and severity is a 1400 kg weight dabei.Und case should make the Silo times too little weight because there is still a 2500KG Heckgewicht dazu.Die front weights are equipped with LEDs and the rear weight should even in the dark on the roads be used by Extra switched taillights since your in the dark always good to see.



Other Dirt color

Color Selection

Front weights with LED light

Heckgewicht with LED taillights (brake, indicator, reversing light, Normal)







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