Claas Disco 9100 v 2.0

Claas Disco 9100

Claas Disco 9100

Claas Disco 9100

Claas Disco 9100

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Claas Disco 9100 als Schubeinheit
Preis im Shop: 50000 LS-Euro
Preis pro Tag: 55 LS-Euro
benötigte PS: 100

Änderungen in der Version2

Kann auch am Claas Jaguar angehängt werden
Textur geändert
Neuer Sound
Messer animiert


Textures: Kanalratte
Animation: Lindnerfahrer
Ingame: Dachskiller
Script: Giants Software
Umbau xerion8300
Besonderen Dank an PaPa

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4 thoughts on “Claas Disco 9100 v 2.0

  1. This mod has a lot of potential to be a great mower with a few fixes. Please take this as constructive criticism and not complaining. First and most importantly, the sound file has to go. Just fixing the sound file alone would greatly improve this mod. Every 10-15 seconds the sound file loop restarts and it sounds like the mower is turning off then back on. A couple other smaller things would be the lights on it and the textures. When you turn on the head lights the yellow turn signal lights come on instead of the red tail lights. The brake lights, turn signals and emergency flashers do not work. These things are not quite as important, but when fixed would make this great. Looking forward to v2.0, thanks for the nice mod!

  2. Not a bad mod. Need to go with a different sound file that doesn’t loop every 10 seconds. Also, this mod has almost no textures, and that makes it look very “generic”. The mod seems to work great. I didn’t check for errors. Just tested and deleted. Seemed to work fine. I REALLY want a mower than can swath a single path of grass. This wasn’t it. 🙁 Good first try. I hope the author updates this with new sound and textures.

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