Claas Direct Disc 620 v 1.0 [MP]

Claas Direct Disc 620

Claas Direct Disc 620

Claas Direct Disc 620

Offer you here at the Claas Direct Disc 620 Multi:

Orginale X disc with Claas Skin (model of Oimel, permission for upload is available)

Skin for Claas

It shreds grass, wheat, barley, canola, clover, alfalfa and makes shredded.
Working width: 6.2m
Working speed: 15 km / h
Revised attacher (fits original crown BigX 1100 also)
Price: 38.000 €
€ / day: 50 €
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wish you repair-free shredding and good earnings!




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One thought on “Claas Direct Disc 620 v 1.0 [MP]

  1. Any chance you can make one of these or the Krone that yields other fruits than just chaff? Would really be helpful if it could work & yield grass/hay, corn, barley, etc. instead of turning everything into chaff. Thanks.

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