Chicken coop v 2.0 Placeable

Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Chicken coop

Moveable chicken coop. The door opens, the eggs are collected inside the chicken coop.


Marhu, volkskunst, FS15: Shamil_78

4.5/5 - (2 votes)

2 thoughts on “Chicken coop v 2.0 Placeable

  1. I hope Marhu is active porting his other mods. MixStation, Incubators, cow breeding facilities. I don’t have any cows yet in fs15 and that is because after using Mixstation courseplay, and that russian mod wide Krone mower with hitch, I need all the mods I had in fs13.

    Chicken coop mod is great with the incubators.

  2. i think they need to come out with a chicken coop and lil taller and more room to move around in to collect the eggs and a place like the chicken fattening place it would be much easier

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