Case IH Puma 230 CVX v 4.0 [MP]

Case IH Puma 230 CVX

Case IH Puma 230 CVX

Case IH Puma 230 CVX

Case IH Puma 230 CVX

New: Color selection.

Since I find the full Puma great I made a 230 CVX from 160 CVX and created a few variants to:

– Standard
– Front-end loader
– Forest, so with front loader and Forestry cage (from the Steyr)

– All variants as a version with tracks

The tractor is otherwise hundred percent the Origiginalmodell from the game. this means:

– Reflections / glare
– Pollution
– Other features of the LS15

are still present.

Also, tune the gameplay elements, such as price and fuel consumption, so it fits well into the game.

I have adapted to version 1.2 of the game The technical parameters, I had created the ursrp├╝nglich based on the 1.01.

Version 2.0: I enlarged the hood and made the forest frame fit better into it. To avoid further chaos I created three packs, each with a basic version, a FL version and a forest version:

– Wheels Pack with four tires
– RowTrac Pack with rear crawlers
– QuadTrac Pack with four crawlers

You have to unzip the packages.

Version 3.0: Added color selection and fixed some optical issues.

Version 4.0: Reworked hood and decals.


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