Case IH 5130 Axial Flow v 1.1 [MP]

Case IH 5130 Axial Flow

Case IH 5130 Axial Flow

Case IH 5130 Axial Flow

Hello everyone, Frabel LS-modding presents the case ih 5130 Axial Flow. This mod contains: – The Axial Flow combine Case IH 5130 – Case IH 3020 Cutter: 7.6 meters width work – Gatherer Case IH 3408: 8 rows and 6 meters width work

In the mod, you will find a PDF notice of the advanced method of harvesting the Case IH Axial-Flow 5130. The scripts adding realism in the way of playing. With the installation of synthesis scripts on this harvester, this is more than just to harvest, but we must adopt the right settings DEPENDING on the harvested crops. Without that, your performance will be affected.


lighting (Sven777b)
passenger (JoXXer – Edit by Alex2009)
advancedThreasher (Knagsted – Edit bylex)
CIH5130 (Knagsted – Edit bylex)
digital display (Knagsted)


Capacity: 8810
Fuel Capacity: 945
Crops: wheat, barley, rape and maize

We wish you a good game !!


Modele and Textures: Frabel LS-Modding
Scripts: Knagsted, @lex

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