For The Last Couple Of Weeks I Have Been Finishing The Volga GAZ-21. I Was Looking For A Better Model, But Then I Decided To Work With What I Have. I Threw Holes In The Textures With Color, Corrected Some To Make Them Look Better, Clearer, I Didn’t Open The Trunk, Because There Are No Textures Inside, And The Configuration Does Not Allow Them To Be Thrown From The Inside With Squares. Reduced To Real Size, Added Crowns To The Taillights To Look Prettier, Added Chrome. Physics Seems To Be Nothing Like That. The Car Has A Manual Gearshift Script. I Did Not Delete It, Maybe Someone Will Like It. Which Buttons To Press To Switch The Speed In This Mode And Did Not Figure Ut Out. If You Are Not Satisfied With The Manual Transmission, Press The Right Shift And Russian OK At The Same Time And Everything will Be As Usual. Revived Tidy (Two Arrows Thrown). My Uncle Had One Like This. Only Blue. I Really Liked To Sit In It As A Child. The Smell Of Heated Plastic, Metal And Gasoline And Something Else. The Doors Open, The Car Does Not Get Dirty.


AndrazP, Oleg Romanko

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