Canadian farm v 1.0 [MP]

Canadian farm

Canadian farm

Canadian farm

Canadian farm

Canadian farm

Canadian farm map is:

50 fields of all size, 1 owned

1 clover field and 1 alfalfa field

oat is installed

pig fattening

trains and triggers working

watermod, chopped straw and manure/lime mod installed

plenty of grass

and many more…



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19 thoughts on “Canadian farm v 1.0 [MP]

  1. the map is ok but the meat chickens doesn’t work along with the calfs
    also unable to unload the milk and for some reason the crops are not growing even at the speed set at 120 other than that the map isn’t to bad

  2. I loved the map guys, I grew up on a canadian farm. It reminded me of home. There are a few points you need to change for the next version of the map:

    Trees – Get rid of the home made tree’s and use the ones in game so we can cut them down if they are in our way.

    Custom Fruits (Alfalfa etc..) – Provide the necessary equipment for these fruits as it has been hard to find mods to cut the alfalfa, and on a Real Canadian farm we bale it.

    The multiple Farms, I love the idea of having multiple farms to use. However, i suggest making the multiple farms buyable, so you start with one but need to buy the others to use them. Just an idea, it worked great for some 2013 maps, more realistic.

    It would be nice if the farm you started with had the in game silo for barley, wheat, etc… Most Canadian farmers store there crop in a silo not on a concrete pad.

    Great so far!

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