Buehrer 6135 A v 1.0 [SP]

Buehrer 6135 A

Buehrer 6135 A

Buehrer 6135 A

I have a little tinkering with the Bührer around until I like it and maybe you like it, too. What has been done?

The front fenders removed.
Other tires fitted. (TrelleborgTM800_440_65R24 / 34)
Rundumleuchte away.
Frontladerkonsole installed.
offset inner camera a little backwards.
The performance increases every little bit. Departs now 65 km / h top.
missed a black lacquer.

Important: I have the Frontladerkonsole built quite far forward. This was necessary so that the front loader, fully ramped up, not sitting in the middle of the exhaust. When playing with a front loader, necessarily attach a rear weight because of Bührer otherwise tilts forward.


Modell: Giants
Textur: Giants / Änderungen: BullKopp
Idee / Konzept: Giants – BullKopp
Tester: BullKopp

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