Broshuis lowloader v 0.8 [MP]

Broshuis lowloader

Broshuis lowloader

Broshuis lowloader

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The Broshuis low loader

LS 15 made capable of!

low loader
Textured AO
VRAM : 5.27 MB
Polycount : 14,511 polygons
Price: € 90,194


Attacher ( to fix vehicles , bales & Co )

Keyboard shortcuts :
Ramps Up & Down – X
Attacher solid / Resolved – O



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One thought on “Broshuis lowloader v 0.8 [MP]

  1. The Broshuis low loader v 0.8 [MP] is the Best Trailer Truck for transporting agricultural and forestry machines of all sizes; In addition, it has the option: “Lock-Unlock” (to fix vehicles , bales & Co)

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