BGA extension v 3.0 [MP]

BGA extension

BGA extension

At the end of the conversion Marathon: The BGAextension. Welcome to the LS15.

With the BGAextension the operation of a biogas plant in LS life and realism is breathed.

The Mod upgraded the existing building on the standard script biogas plants on BGAextension level. That is it required no changes to the Maps! MP also works.

While the normal BGA was (almost) around it only the sales agent for silage with a bit of scenery, it is with the BGA extension to a system whose operation should be operated with a little common sense and planning.

The operation and information is output to the Befülltrigger for the digestate or walking on the feed chamber. The system is automated in the morning and evening fed by 8 and 20 clock. The amount you can on the control trigger within limits set. Depending on whether you prefer efficient (high Faul grade) or high throughput (more money per time, but less money per substrate used) want to run the plant. Below are also the TS content in the fermenter and the current generator power.
Sell / commissioning

Purchasing and commissioning have been revised significantly from V2.0.

First you have to take the BGA in operation. This happens at the same places as the operation. Thus, a start-up is a fairly expensive operation, and effort means money. This requires a lot of art are made, a pile of paperwork done and last but not least a fair amount of inoculum from neighboring BGAs are rangekarrt. Long story short: It costs money. And not little. But you get a system that is already feeding halfway reasonable and angefängt to produce gas.

Before buying you can select the size of the plant. 100% corresponds to a large courtyard. The value can you between 50% (small courtyard) and 300% (corn extermination factory) vary. Note: For installations> 100% the costs increase significantly! In addition, and just as in real life, the basic remuneration slightly lowered and also no manure bonus granted (see below)

The costs for the commissioning of a 100% Plant are 240,000 €. The first sounds a lot, but has two reasons: First, you do not throw a BGA so on from Jokus and secondly as a plant produces to start filling and start feeding themselves without already a certain amount of gas / money. If you have already purchased the plant in the past and it is a starved “only” costs then reopening significantly less. Fall on Maps with built mapBuyableObjects also the first time only the start-up costs, since I assume that already incurred costs for the acquisition by the MBO.

Under the hood, now lies a model that simulates the processes in the fermenter. This has a number of consequences:

Either one operates the BGA or they are not engaged. Blue moon ne scoop stuff purely throw is nich.
Load changes take place relatively slowly. That is just because you double the amount given is not immediately twice as much gas (? power? money). Conversely interrupts the gas production also not immediately, as soon as one less zufüttert or just misses a feeding. So bottom line, nothing is lost.
You can on the feeding amount the plant operating freely between relatively lean (little feeding, high Ausfaulungsrate: More gas per substrate, ie a better price, but little overall throughput) and high throughput (much feeding, lower Ausfaulungsrate: slightly less gas per substrate, but Setting the total significantly more revenue).
The system accepts different substrates with their own biogas parameters. These parameters can be adjusted by external mods.
To protect the feeding technique is fed per day in fixed cycles 2x 1h.
The commissioning of a decommissioned facility is a fairly elaborate and expensive undertaking. In addition, it also takes a little longer, until such a system then has properly clean running. It should therefore be carefully considered. A “little BGA” not there in real. When you wake the dragon you have to feed him;)
Higher operating costs at high dry matter levels (more current required for the agitator and generally more wear).
If the digestate fully the feeding switch off. So you have to go somewhere with the stuff.
Feed it the system does not come too long the gas production to a halt. When she is first really dead (TS <5%) only helps dredging and an expensive re-commissioning. Do not worry: Therefore you have been neglecting for a while its investment.
To compensate somewhat for the trouble: A well running plant produces greater yields than the standard carrot.

These are almost all points arising from the process model. Core parameters of the model is the TS (dry matter) content in the fermenter. Mix in the bunker together the substrates of choice. The results for the mixture has a dry matter content and an average gas yield value. These are added to the (much larger) fermenter during feeding. The Gas and Electricity is generated continuously and builds the registered dry matter depending on the current content in the fermenter slowly.

Currently, the following substrates with the associated parameters are stored in the BGAextension:

Corn silage / GPS silage, 30% TS, 202 m³ / ton, 52% methane, 100% degradation rate
Solid manure, 25% TS, 45 m³ / ton, 60% methane, 75% degradation rate
Grass silage (with siloExtension), 35% TS, 172m³ / ton, 54% methane, 90% degradation rate
Hay (from bales), 87% TS, 324 m³ / ton, 67% methane, 95% degradation rate
Beet, 23% TS, 111 m³ / ton, 51% methane, 120% degradation rate
Potatoes, 25% TS, 143 m³ / ton, 50% methane, 120% degradation rate
Cereals, 88% TS, 490m³ / ton, 54% methane, 90% degradation rate
Manure, 10% TS, 30 m³ / ton, 55% methane, 85% degradation rate

manure bonus

Just like in real life special incentives to use manure for energy. This is, however, subject to conditions. To claim the feed is granted only for systems up to 500kWel and a substrate amount of manure + Mist by at least 30% is required. In the BGAextension is the ready to the fact that the manure bonus is paid only for systems up to 100% size. In addition, there is a “bonus substrate-account”. If you litter or manure this account fills in addition to the normal feeding filled by the substrate. This bonus account reaches full filled for three days and as long as it is not completely empty the manure bonus of + 25% is granted on the current income. How big is this account depends on the system size: The 100% plant is designed from the slurry consumption for 120 dairy cows. It can depending on the courtyard structure so a lot of sense to make a smaller BGA to operate and for being able to take the manure bonus in claim throughout!

And yes, you read that right: you can now drive manure in the BGA! For this ride her. Filled with the most stable manure spreader on the Gärresttrigger There, you now have to pump the slurry from the barrel in the BGA possible. The slurry is pumped directly into the fermenter and is independent of (with good reason) limited solid feeding. Who is surprised that when filling the slurry level in the digestate increases: The reason is that the slurry displaced during filling the fermenter content and is perfectly normal.

A few comments on the substrate slurry: Due to the relatively low solids content should adjust the amount of manure to the plant operation. With huge amounts of manure who want to run their system really fat (significantly> 10% DM), who does himself no favors: The thin broth expresses only the vast amounts of expensive substrate, you have just filled in the BGA back from the fermenter out , On the other hand, one can speed up considerably with a very decent sized Schwaps of slurry into the fermenter booting from the initial 7.5% TS. Since this corresponds to quite a real procedure I saw no reason the amount of manure that can be filled at one time in the fermenter to limit. So you see: to tinker and optimize Plenty of room.

Filled her a barrel on the Gärresttrigger is registered on tap and also displayed in the F1 box that you have now loaded digestate. The you can not directly pump again as manure in the BGA course. For all those who now set the hackles: Do not worry, for all other mods that simply remains the familiar fillType “liquidManure”. The whole should therefore not cause any compatibility problems.

A small drawback: The mapHoseRefStation is not yet supported by the V2.0. I sit on it, but the cost of this is not insignificant – especially when the whole thing is supposed to work with the original The “emergency operation” of Zunhammers (filling tube all the way down and use standard trigger) but it works without problems. On backorder and if things done (yes I wills also have), but it will take longer than I wanted to let you wait for the V2.0.
Info & Future
For modders two points:

Other substrates

The substrates may be made (Map-) to script out with the new function Bga.addBGAfillType () changed and new ones added. This is of course particularly interesting for maps with economic cycles. Possible examples would be here glycerol (biodiesel), press cake (rapeseed oil), vinasse (bioethanol from wheat, sugar beet, corn), grains (barley beer production) or molasses (sugar factory). Just look into the script, and if not everything should be clear immediately write me. It is also possible to define more liquid substrates and / or manure bonus suitable substrates.

BGAextension scripts

For an example of how to adapt scripts for devices (optional) I recommend a look in this weekend appearing Holaras BB2500H beet Schnitzler link

Changelog V3.0:

Convert to LS15 (yes, has no script documentary lasted a few hours)
Where was I grad, the new solid matter got a speed control depending on the feeding rate.
Tanker Liquid Manure often show only 99% of filling, but are full. Otherwise, the filling of the system with manure from all full barrels by changing the Giants scripts would not have been possible. It lacks wirlklich a thimbleful – which is by the sealing ring;-)

Changelog V2.1 (only bugfixes):

Liquid substrates are now incorporated correctly into the fermenter
Problems loading fixed (too little in the feeding bin / digestate)
Filling with liquid substrates is now possible even with empty digestate

Changelog V2.0:

Clean separation between manure and digestate
Liquid substrates (for example, manure …)
manure bonus
Variable plant size on acquisition
New pricing model
Display / operation also at Bunker
Basic remuneration for big plants adapted (-10%)
Display on Gärresttrigger in vehicles
collisionMask correction removed
the forgotten potatoes are added later

The mod is compatible and of course complemented well with the FahrsiloExtension. I hope so the goal of creating a harmonious overall picture in the LS to get closer to a good piece of work on the BGA. The shovelMovementFill does not apply because the LS15 already brings this functionality.

Even if the whole Skripterei is a solo project in the core, I had a lot of support in V2.0 excellent beta testers, for which I would like to thank you at this point: Especially at Scathalh that always the whole has again tested up and down and a large proportion of this is that you and me so some corners & edges are spared even when not entirely trivial Gärrestgeschichte! A big thanks also to the guys at Underground Modding test for MP and Eribus who always helps out Strichmännchenlegasteniker me with great artwork!

A big thank you! also biedens without the tool scripts all Konvertierei without script documentary would have been completely impossible!


Idee/Skript: upsidedown
Tester: Scalath & Underground Modding
Artwork: eribus

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  1. Excellent project, but how to instal this mod ? Do you have join a readme “in perfect english” for obtaining a good working result after the instaltion in FS 2015 ?

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